End of Season AC Repair for common AC Problems

AC Repair for common AC Problems

As summer draws to a close, you might anticipate the arrival of cooler fall temperatures. However, even though you can use your AC unit less frequently, you should pay attention to end-of-season maintenance. As the cooling season ends and you prepare to switch your unit over to heat, now is the ideal time for ac repair in Dubai.

You may convince yourself that you can handle any possible AC issues next year, but is that what you want to do? You probably need to remember all the minor indications that your AC requires repair. When you resume cooling operations next year, your unit may not function as efficiently as you anticipate in cooling your house. To avoid future inconvenience, addressing potential end-of-season AC repair is essential.

Common AC Troubles

You may have observed unusual sounds from your AC, or the unit isn’t functioning as smoothly as before. However, your home remained calm, and your unit didn’t experience any significant issues. For the time being, you’re in good shape. By resolving minor problems now, you can prevent essential issues in the future, such as:

Thermostat problems 

Occasionally, your AC may not be the issue; it may be your thermostat. If your thermostat is not accurately sensing the indoor air temperature, it can influence how your AC unit operates. For example, if the thermostat registers a higher temperature than the actual temperature, your unit may operate more frequently. Conversely, if the thermostat registers a lower temperature than the actual temperature, your unit may not cool your home as much as you desire.

Inadequate Maintenance

Failure to maintain the cleanliness of filters, air conditioning coils, and the entire AC system can result in improper air conditioner functioning and may cause premature failure of the compressor or fans. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly schedule professional AC repair and maintenance services to keep your system running efficiently and extend its lifespan.

Electric Control Failure

Frequent air conditioner cycling, a common occurrence in large systems, can cause wear and tear on the compressor and fan controls. Additionally, wire and terminal corrosion is a common issue in many systems, a necessitating inspection of electrical connections and contacts during a professional service visit.

Refrigerant leaks 

Regular use of your AC does not deplete the refrigerant supply. However, refrigerant can escape through a hole in the line, resulting in potentially serious problems that need immediate attention. Indicators of a refrigerant leak include lukewarm air and hissing and bubbling sounds. The leak may occur in the section of the line where the refrigerant is in liquid form or where it is in gas form.

Ductwork holes

The AC system circulates cool air through the ductwork, distributing it evenly throughout your house. Any holes in the ductwork cause the cool air to escape, preventing it from reaching the intended rooms. Even the tiniest holes can cause up to a 30% cool air loss. Holes in the ductwork can also allow dust and dirt to enter and circulate into your home, despite having an air filter in place.

Fan problems 

Your AC unit is equipped with two fans – one that blows air over the evaporator coil to cool the air and another that blows air over the condenser coil in the outdoor unit to expel heat. Any issues with either fan can affect the cooling performance of your home. Bent fan blades, lack of lubrication in parts, and worn-out belts are common problems that arise over time.

Sensor Problems

Thermostat sensors are in room air conditioners and usually behind the control panel. These sensors measure the temperature of the air entering the evaporative coil. If the sensor is dislodged from its position, the AC unit may run continuously or display unpredictable behaviour. It is essential to place the sensor near the coil without touching it and adjust its position by gently bending the wire and holding it in place.

Drainage Problems

During high humidity conditions, inspecting the condensate drain and ensuring it is functioning correctly without any blockages is crucial. Room air conditioners can only drain efficiently if they are installed level.

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