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If you are renovating your home or are in the initial phases of building, you must be thinking about the options of different floor and tiling work. There are countless designs of tiles that you see but you have to choose one for your drawing room, bathroom, or hall. Tiling work is done to enhance the appearance of the house. It gives an extremely beautiful look to the entire house. There are so many other benefits that are associated with titling work. There are so many colors, designs, and patterns of tiles that are available. It are considered as the central decorating figures in your home. You can decorate each corner of your home by installing tiles in every space. It is because of the tiles that spaces are cleaned easily and smoothly. You do not have to push the viper harder because of the smooth surface. Tiles are easy to maintain as they protect the water from seeping into the surface. You can easily repair the tiles when needed. It needs just a few minutes to replace the tile if it gets rotten or damaged. While choosing the tile, it is recommended to think about the life of tiles that how long it will resist exposure to moisture and high traffic. High-quality tiles are more durable and lasting than other tiles. Most of all, tiles are the best thing you can have for summers because tiles have the natural ability to produce a cooling effect. You can even lay down over the tiles in order to feel the cooling effect. It will bring freshness to your home. There are different types of tiles based on the material used in them.

Ceramic tile:

Ceramic tiles are most commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, and front entrance. People buy ceramic tiles mostly they are economical to buy. You can afford the ceramic tiles with a lot of features in them. Ceramic tiles do not corrode or get damages rather they are more durable than any other tile. Ceramic tiles can be the perfect choice for your home if you want to have an economical as well as decorative choice. As compared to ceramic, wood and carpets are not resistant to stains and damage.

Porcelain tile:

Porcelain tiles are made up of silica and quartz that are heated at high temperatures in order to produce a finer and harder porcelain tile. These tiles have a long life and are also more expensive than other types of tiles. There is a huge number of colors and patterns that are available in porcelain tiles. These patterns are designed on the basis of individual’s preferences about the color and design of the tile. These tiles are installed using a diamond blade wet saw because it is hard to carry.

Glass tile:

Glass tiles are considered the most glamorous form of tiles that make the space even bigger and brighter. These are high-quality tiles that have different quality features including high resistance to stain. Glass tiles cannot be damaged by putting any strong material such as red wine or acidic lemon juice. It is recommended to not put the glass tile on the floor because it can break or wear out if any item drops over it. That is why glass tiles are best suited for walls.

Marble tile:

Marble is one of the most elegant choices one can ever make. Natural stone is used in marble tile that makes it a more durable and high-quality substance. High pressure and temperature are maintained while making the marble tile that is why marble tile easily bears the harshness of weather. There are so many colors that are available in marble tiles including gray, green, white, black, and many more. Marble tiles have a porous nature that is why it is recommended to check them thoroughly while buying that it does not have any rough area. You can use extra sealing so that marble tiles remain protected from stains.

Granite tile:

Granite tile is considered the hardest tile made from natural stone. It is mostly used in flooring. There is less possibility of damages and cracks because granite tile is harder than other forms of tiles. Granite tiles do not absorb moisture or stains.

Rehan services are best known for its floor tiling services in Dubai. Rehan Services is a company that deals in all types of tiles ranging from stone, ceramic, wood, stainless steel to glass tiles. We provide services in marinating the entire home from floor to wall. We have hired an expert and trained staff who is well versed with the complexity of the installation of tiles. The steps include in the tiling process are as follows:

  • Measurement of the area that is to be tiles
  • Cutting of tiles to an appropriate size
  • Installation of tiles in kitchen/bathroom or any space the client wants

We at Rehan Services also deal in repairing tiles by replacing the old tiles with new ones. We offer high-quality services at affordable rates without any hidden charges. We charge a fixed amount for the installation of tiles and are available 24/7. You can consult anytime if you live in Dubai and wish to have supreme tiling in your home.


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