Cost of floor tile depends on the type of tile and its material. There are different types of floor tiles based on the material used in its preparation. Here we shall discuss a few of the types of floor tiles that you can use in your home or office space.

Ceramic Tiles:

Clay is used in the making of ceramic tiles. It has many striking features that include the durability, versatility and high resistance to any damage. This is the type of tile which has the tendency to bear the consistent footsteps. There are amazing patterns and colors that are designed on the ceramic glasses. There are several designs having a glow. It is recommended to not use the ceramic tiles outdoor because it is not good to bear the hotness as well as the coldness of temperature. Also ceramic tiles are good in absorbing the water onto its surface.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are classified as the type of ceramic tile because it is made from the denser clay. Also the temperature for porcelain tiles is much high as compared to ceramic tile. As a result of such conditioning, porcelain tile resist the damage. The striking feature of porcelain tile is that you can use it in outdoor designs of your home because it can withstand the extreme temperatures whether hot or cold. You can get the porcelain tiles in both polished and unpolished form depending on the type of use.

Quarry Tiles:

Quarry tiles are made from the mixture of material that include clay, feldspar and shale. Such mixture result in the formation of hard tiles that can be used indoor and outdoor.

Mosaic Tiles:

The most common use of mosaic tiles is in kitchen and bathroom. Surface area of these tiles is small. The length and width of both tiles is less than 2 inch. Due to the small size, mosaic tiles are most suitable to use in small spaces. It is important to use the right tool for cutting the tile because that gives an amazing end.

Marble Tiles:

If you want your home to look exceptionally beautiful and attractive, it is recommended to use the marble tiles. Marble tiles are made from the marble stone that has a long span of life. There is an extreme variety in the colors of the marble tile. You can use any color of marble tile based on your choice. There are several finishing options as well that are available for marble tiles. These tiles have a porous nature that is why there is more probability of water falling down its surface. It is recommended to use the surface sealer prior to the installation of marble tile in order to avoid the porous nature. Keep in mind the cost of marble tiles because they are expensive to afford.

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