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Plumbing and sanitary system are the base of any residential building. It is necessary to install both systems in a residence in order to have a comfortable living. The plumbing system deals with the pipes that are fitted in the required places of the building. The drainage system is maintained through these pipes through which water is supplied. There are several pipes that used in plumbing based on the purpose of work. The Sanitary system deals with the clean and hygienic drainage system in which clean drinking water is supplied. It has been observed that people usually allocate about 8% of their expenditures on sanitary and plumbing while constructing the home. A plumber is a person who is responsible for the plumbing work of the building. It is the responsibility of the plumber to install, maintain and repair the pipes of the office or house buildings.

There is a proper mechanism behind the plumbing system. It is a complete science that is involved in the maintenance of the home. A plumber should be aware of this mechanism. There is a whole team that works with the plumber because the plumber cannot do this tedious task of maintaining the entire building by himself. It is effective for a plumber to have solid communication skills in order to interact with the team and assign them to work according to their potential. There are storage tanks that are in homes used for storing the water. Pipes are installed by the plumber to make a way for the supply of water from a storage tank to the entire building. There is also a system for the drainage of wastewater that used to be in the kitchen and washroom. It is highly essential to have an accurate plumbing cycle in the residential building. The plumbing cycle is a process in which water is supplied from a source through the pipes. Meanwhile, wastewater is drained through a purpose-built pipe. This is how the plumbing system works in any building.

Sanitary work is carried out in order to maintain the hygiene of the environment and to have clean drinking water. It deals with wastewater that is disposed of through the fixtures known as plumbing fixtures. There are special items that are designed for plumbing and sanitary work. These items include piping, fixtures, water distribution pipes, taps, valves, water closets, urinals, solid waste pipes, washbasins. There are different types of water pipes used in plumbing work based on the functionality of the system.

PVS pipes:

If you want a pipe for the supply of water in an internal and external system, PVS pipes will work best for you. These pipes have been used for 60 years having an economical cost. Most importantly, these are the pipes that have minimum leakages and it does not impact the environment negatively. PVS pipes are mostly used for drainage and water supply in the building.

Galvanized iron pipes:

These pipes come in every range varying from light, medium, and heavy depending on the type of metal used. It has been observed that medium pipes are mostly used for the plumbing inside the building. These pipes are the most used for maintain the drainage system of the house because of the low cost. The material used in this type of material is wrought iron along with zinc coating. If you are looking for an inside supply of water, then galvanized iron pipes suit you the best. The joints that are used for galvanized iron pipes include screws and sockets.

Lead pipes:

Lead pipes are so ancient that they were used during the Roman Empire in order to supply water in the building. In recent days, there are some health problems that are to be seen with the usage of lead pipes. That is why these pipes are banned for use in homes. There are so many properties that are associated with lead pipes including their flexibility, malleability, and most of all corrosion resistance.

Copper pipes:

Copper pipes are used in places where steel cannot be used because of its corrosion effect due to water. There is a thin chromium coating on the surface of the copper so that it looks attractive in appearance.

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