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Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

It’s a good idea to prepare your home’s plumbing system before the hottest summer days arrive. As the weather warms, you’ll likely use extra water for showers, laundry, staying hydrated, and watering your grass. Your plumbing system will have to work harder if you consume more water. Follow these tips to prepare your plumbing system for the summer to guarantee it functions well. 

Look for Leaks

The winter can strain your plumbing system, causing problems you may not notice immediately. Check for leaks throughout your home for plumbing problems before the summer. When inspecting your home for leaks, look for broken components, corrosion, dripping water, and rust on the inside and outside.

Use a flashlight to check darker locations and any cupboards to verify you’ve done a thorough inspection. If you discover a leak, turn off the water to avoid wasting it and contact a plumber.

Learn how to deal with clogged drains 

When we take showers, our hair falls out and accumulates over time. When faced with a clog, your first reaction may be to employ one of those liquid drain cleaners. Big error.

That’s true; avoid liquid drain cleaners like the plague. We know it is a simple solution to a vexing situation. However, the chemicals in Liquid Plumber and other similar solutions might damage your plumbing infrastructure. If your sink or tub continues to back up, purchase a snake or similar equipment to dig out any debris clogging your pipes.

Respect your garbage disposal 

Garbage disposals are fantastic equipment in your home, but they cannot handle everything. Pouring oils or grease down the drain should be avoided. When these cool, they solidify and can cause buildup in your pipes.

Before using the garbage disposal, run cold water for 5-10 seconds and keep running it for a few seconds after you turn it off. To maintain the blades sharp, run some ice cubes through the garbage disposal regularly.

Clean out your gutters 

While gutters aren’t strictly part of your plumbing system, they play a crucial role in keeping water out of your house. Clogged gutters allow water to pool on your roof, weakening the structure and eventually allowing water in. You want to prevent water damage at all costs as a homeowner. You should have them cleaned out at least twice a year, in the early spring and late summer. If you have a lot of pine trees on your property (which shed a lot), plan on getting them cleaned more frequently.

Check Your Washing Machine

People sweat more in the summer, which causes them to change their clothes and do more laundry. Because you’ll most likely be using your washing machine more frequently, ensure it’s ready for increased usage by inspecting it for damage.

If you see any damage or fractures in your washing machine’s hoses, connections, or other parts, it’s time to call a professional plumber to repair the problem. When a washing machine is beyond repair or outdated, you may wish to replace it rather than repair it. A new, high-efficiency washing machine can lower water use and help you save money and improve performance.

Know when to replace your water heater

A water heater has a limited lifespan. If it has reached the age of double digits, it is likely time to consider a replacement. That water heater tank holds 50 gallons or more. That’s more than enough water for serious damage if that tank springs a leak. If you replace your water heater, you should replace your sump pump too.

Look for signs of water leaks

Water leaks can occur anywhere in your home. Sometimes they’re obvious, but you’d be amazed how often little water leaks go unnoticed. A musty, mildewed odour in basements, attics, or crawl spaces is a common symptom of mould growth, frequently caused by water leaks. Make it a habit to check for leaks around water fixtures and appliances regularly.

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