Building maintenance includes a set of tasks in order to maintain the proper functioning and operation of the building. There are several activities that come under building maintenance including cleaning of rooms, removing the trash, and repairing broken items. Also, it deals in the heating and electrical systems of the building along with thorough inspection of the building. Mostly building maintenance is all the inside works but sometimes the scope of building maintenance gets wider depending upon the company or organization that is providing the maintenance services. Outdoor maintenance of the building includes mainly lawn management, sprinkler management, and landscape care. There are various types of building maintenance work based on the division of work. Here we shall discuss these types along with the division of work.


A janitor is a person that has the responsibility to maintain the entire room with respect to cleaning. These cleaning tasks include mopping of floor, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the doors, windows, and bathrooms.

Ii-Maintenance Technician:

The duty of the maintenance technician is to take care of the systems that are present in the building. Maintenance technicians maintain the electrical, gas, and water systems in the building. Inspection and repairing of the inside systems also come in the duties of maintenance technician. Work is divided on the basis of task. Maintenance technician report to immediate boss i.e. supervisor who checks the tasks.

Iii-Maintenance Supervisor:

The supervisor is a higher authority that manages all the tasks in terms of planning. It is the duty of the maintenance supervisor to plan the tasks and assign the task to a suitable person who has the ability and capacity to perform the task. Technicians directly report to maintenance supervisors. There are short terms and long-term goals of maintenance. It is the duty of the supervisor to maintain the goals within the given deadline. These goals are assigned on a weekly and monthly basis. The administrative tasks are managed by supervisors that include the hiring of the maintenance team, interviewing and training of workers.

There are various organizations that solicit building maintenance services.

Residential Compounds:

Residential compounds hire an efficient maintenance team for the buildings of houses so that they immediately send the team to the assigned location in case of any issue. The maintenance team deals with the repairing, management, and inspection of the entire complex covering the indoor and outdoor locations.


Building maintenance is needed for the maintenance of state institutions including government offices, post offices, libraries, hospitals, and city buildings. Government building maintenance team so that the buildings that are in public use remain in good condition.


Building maintenance has become the need of every size of business. Organizations running small businesses usually outsource the building maintenance facilities. Small businesses in Dubai outsource maintenance services from ac Maintenance Company in Dubai. Whereas large businesses maintain an in-house maintenance staff to avoid inconvenience n case of any emergency.

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