Paint is usually associated with color. People color the walls, cars by applying paint to them. Paint brings a certain feel with it so it should not be just taken as color. Most of the paint is consumed on the walls. There are different types of wall paints that you can choose for your home.


Flat are the types of paints that do not have the shine or have the least shine in them. Such paints require the excessive use of other paint over them. There are the least coats that are needed to cover any stain. There is no guarantee of flat paint as it will experience prominent damage if treated with the cleaner. It is recommended to apply flat paint in the spaces where there is less traffic of people. Such spaces are usually the dining rooms and ceilings in the house.


One of the most popular paints is known as an eggshell. There is comparatively more shine present in the eggshell paint. The features of eggshell paint are slightly better than the flat paint. It is highly recommended to apply eggshell paint in spaces that consume less traffic of people or medium traffic. These low-traffic places can be the hallways, entryways, and living rooms.


Satin is most commonly used for painting the interior of the home. There is a lovely glow of velvet that is to be seen in satin wall paint. Satin paint is comparatively durable than other paints. Also, you can clean it easily. Due to this feature, you can apply this paint in crowded spaces as well including kitchen, playrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Satin paint is the best choice if you want durability and shine in a paint.

Oil-Based Paints:

Oil-based paints are commonly used over all surfaces. It can be applied to the indoor as well as the outdoor design of the home as it is the most durable paint. It is recommended to use oil-based paints with care because they cannot be removed with water if they are applied as it has strong fumes.


One of the highly reflective paints is the semi-gloss paint. It is reflective as well. Semi-gloss paint is the most durable paint. You can apply this paint in spaces that have moisture and a lot of wear and tear. This paint can be best applied to the places like the kitchen, kids’ rooms, and bathrooms. It will give a lovely shiny finish to the room at the end.


As the name indicates, high gloss is the most shining paint. It reflects immensely. Such paint can readily hand the daily cleaning as it is the most durable wall paint. It is important to use the high-gloss paint correctly because if there is any mistake in the preparation of the paint, it will show up at the end in the form of imperfections.

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