Technical services encompass various services that include a set of different programs and activities. These activities and programs are launched with the purpose of supporting businesses and commerce in order to use scientific and engineering information effectively. The work that comes under the umbrella of technical services includes the preparation of technical drafts, reviews, abstracts, and reports. Technical services also deal with the establishment of institutions and centers that deal in technical information. Also, it includes the preparation of computer tapes, microfilm, and scientific and technical information. If anybody is working to acquire engineering and scientific expertise, it will also count in technical service.

The other area of work is the collaborative measures with the purpose of establishing a strong technical base. Such measures include seminars, workshops, training sessions, demonstrations on scientific topics, and field visits. These activities provide the basis for the application of scientific and engineering programs.
There are various other activities that are commonly included in technical services. Following is the list of few such activities:

• To conduct the inspections for the purpose of testing the instrument or code
• Writing an initial report about the specification and development of the product
• Preparation of cost estimate analysis
• Construction activities that do not involve the role of civil engineer or architect
• Commercial services
• Technical management services
• Crew management services
• Procurement services
• Repair services
• Regulatory compliance services
• Drilling
• Aerial photography using a drone camera
• Mapping
• Survey
• Maintenance and construction of facilities

Generally, it has been observed that the use of any technical product comes under technical services. Technical support is another name of technical service because technical support is offered for the problem if occurred in the use of a product. There are commonly three categories of technical support that are as follows:

I-Black Hours:

Black hours are such hours that clients buy in order to avoid the hassle of multiple documentation. It is also defined as the minimum rate offered to the client for providing a service. It benefits the customers because customers can use the number of hours anytime and there is no paperwork involved.

Ii-Managed Services:

A set of well-defined services that are offered at a fixed rate are called managed services. There are many technical services company in Dubai that offers managed services such as 24/7 help desk, monitoring of systems, etc. Managed services also include the visit of the technician on-site if there is a serious issue that cannot be resolved remotely. Other services under the umbrella of manages services include project management, backup recovery, and vendor management at a monthly rate.

Iii-Crowdsourced Technical Support:

This is one of the most effective technical services in which the company provides the customer a space to discuss the features and problems in the product. Such space is known as a discussion board. Users of the product interact by using the discussion board. In this way the company gets the instant feedback of their customers and technical support cost is also reduced.

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